About Us

The MASY Group of Companies comprises of an array of firms that operate in the trade, food, tourism and hospitality, construction, fruit and vegetable trade, commercial enterprises investment and business management sectors.

Masy Global Trading Enterprises LLC has a solid reputation in a variety of industries throughout different nations, with operations in the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Egypt, Holland, and Sweden among businesses engaged in trading, construction, contracting, and the food and vegetable industry.

Masy Global Trading Enterprises LLC is led by an entrepreneurial group of top professionals with several years of experience and high levels of competence. They are always working to elevate their respective sectors to the pinnacle of greatness.

Customers, partners, suppliers, and competitors all hold Masy Global Trading Enterprises LLC in reverence for the environment in which it operates. The group's approach is to offer unmatched value and service quality through creative methods.


Core Values:

·         Customer Centric

·         Innovation

·         Agility

·         Loyalty

·         Integrity

·         Responsibility and commitment



Enriching people’s lives through offering innovative, sustainable and value driven products; by passionate, and creative minds.



To be the industry’s trendsetter and the world’s market leader, spreading happiness and wellness.

Our Industries