Food & Beverages

Raw food is processed, packaged, and distributed by the food and beverage business. This company sells a variety of packaged or fresh foods, as well as different kinds of beverages, or both at once.

After achieving significant success and recognition in the real estate, agriculture, and construction industries, MASY GLOBAL GROUP increased its involvement in the food and beverage sector. After doing an extensive market analysis, the MASY GLOBAL GROUP team brought the highest calibre German Doner, DONER DELI, to Dubai, UAE.

A chain of eateries called DONER DELI was introduced to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with inspiration from Berlin, Germany, so that everyone could enjoy the distinct flavour, extract flavour, and exceptionally juicy fresh and healthy halal food. Customers may select from veal, chicken, or mixed meats.

In today's society, DONER DELI has established a powerful brand identity. Doner Deli, which is well-known for its high-quality food and excellent customer service, works hard to present franchise partners with the idea of a long-term investment where success is more dependent on selecting a distinctively different product taste, new branding concept, and robust supply chain.


Established in 2014.

141 employees are employed.

The highest standard of quality chain of restaurant inspired by the city of Berlin, Germany brought to Dubai, UAE offering halal products from Veal, Chicken or Mixed… Click here to know more.