Fruit Market

The goal of the fruits and vegetable market is to sell a variety of delicious, fresh, and organic fruits and vegetables to customers directly from farms.

Through its subsidiary, FMI ME (Fruit Market International Middle East), MASY Global Group engages in fruit and vegetable business in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

A vast range of fruits and vegetables are imported and exported by FMI ME from all over the world.

FMI ME is renowned for its superior quality and affordable price.

FMI ME values include:

High-caliber goods

Exceptional service

Efficient transportation

Affordable rates

Customer focused

FMI ME has an extensive network of wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers.

FMI ME provides the highest-quality fresh products as well as the whole supply chain that meets exceptional standards from start to finish.


FMI is ‘Qualified Fruit Delivery’

An International company that imports and exports a wide variety of fruits and vegetables operating in Europe, Middle East and Fareast through its subsidiary… Click here to know more.