offering goods and services that are primarily geared towards travellers and visitors, both domestic and foreign. These companies provide everything you would need for travel, including lodging and vacation packages for the place you want to go.

Through its subsidiaries MASY Tours Egypt and MASY Tours Greece, MASY Global Group engages in business in the travel and tours sector. A wide selection of tour packages are available from MASY Tours, which is run by knowledgeable and experienced personnel and welcomes all types of travellers. The goal of MASY Tours is to offer a practical and inexpensive tourism alternative without sacrificing quality of service or client happiness. The tourism industry is one that MASY Tours is dedicated to continuously improving.

MASY Tours aspires to:

total dedication to providing superior service

making use of technology to improve travel experiences

Staff with extensive training, motivation, and expertise

Egypt Tours by Masy

Approximately: 2013

Masy Greece Tours

Approximately 2015



MASY Tours Egypt, MASY Tours Greece, and MASY Dubai will soon be active in the travel and tourism sector... To learn more, click here.

working in Travel and Tours industry through its subsidiaries MASY Tours Egypt, MASY Tours Greece and MASY Dubai very soon… Click here to know more.